Overview of City:

Fueled by the emergence of Silicon Valley and the tech industry in Northern California, San Francisco has grown into one of the most notable cities in the United States. Boasting beautiful nature, charming architecture, and a rich history, this hilly city is a wonderful place to visit. Here in this guide, you’ll learn about all the amazing parts of San Francisco that make it such an incredible place to be.

Best Areas/Neighborhoods:

  • Mission District

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Mission District is defined by its youthful and hipster flair. It’s mainly know for the beautiful Mission Dolores Park, where you can enjoy a nice picnic while overlooking the city skyline. However, this wonderful area has so much more to offer than just a park. There’s amazing food, such as the famous La Taqueria, and casual bars for you to check out at night.

  • Golden Gate Bridge

You can’t take a trip to San Francisco without taking a stop to see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This engineering marvel is a perfect photo opportunity and is a great place to walk and bike. I recommend that you take the time to walk or bike the entire bridge, just be sure to bundle up because it can get really windy!

  • The Marina

The Marina District is one of San Francisco’s prettiest areas, as it has a wonderful combination of charming shops and beautiful ocean views. While here, you can visit the Palace of the Fine Arts – a gorgeous structure that’s perfect for taking photos – or you can also stop by Pier 39 to further enjoy the bay, and see the sea lions.

  • Fisherman’s Wharf

While rather a touristy destination, Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-see destination, where you can indulge yourself in some amazing seafood, and then catch a boat tour of the infamous Alcatraz . It’s one of the most lively areas of the entire city, especially during the day, so it’s certainly worth stopping by for a visit.

  • SoMa

If you appreciate the arts, then SoMa should be one of your top destinations in San Fran. Home to wonderful art galleries and unique museums, SoMa is one of San Francisco’s hippest neighborhoods. If you decide to go, stop by 111 Minna or the Cartoon Art Museum to experience some of the San Francisco’s fantastic art scene.

Food Highlights:

  • Molinari Delicatessen

With over 997 reviews on Yelp, averaging 4.5 stars, it’s safe to say that Molinari Delicatessen is one of San Francisco’s hottest delis. While they have limited bread choices, the toppings for their amazing sandwiches are extremely good. I prefer the grilled focaccia special with some ravioli and lasagna, but it is safe to say that whatever you end up ordering, it’ll be worth the wait.

  • Sweet Maple

Known to be one of San Francisco’s prime breakfast destinations, Sweet Maple is notorious for its mouth-watering french toast and its juicy millionaire bacon. As opposed to other breakfast locations in San Francisco, Sweet Maple provides a classic brunch with a pleasing atmosphere. While the line gets pretty hectic on the weekends, you can never go wrong with Sweet Bacon.

  • Eight AM

Eight AM is another prominent, trendy breakfast hole-in-the-wall type joint in the middle of the city. Their freshly squeezed fruit juice will go well with any meal, my favorite being the three way avocado toast: avocado toast topped with bacon, avocado toast topped with tomato, and avocado toast topped with an egg.

  • Pacific Cafe

As one of the highest rated restaurants in San Francisco, Pacific Cafe offers a complimentary glass of wine that will goes well with my personal favorite, the shrimp scampi- order it with extra garlic, and you’ll wake up the next morning thinking about that meal from the night before. I would recommend making a reservation, as the lines get extremely long during peak dinner time.

  • Anchor Oyster Bar

San Francisco is known for its amazing seafood, but nothing tops Anchor Oyster Bar. I’ve tried numerous seafood places across the world, and it is safe to say that Anchor Oyster Bar tops them all. A few tips: Get the garlic bread and clam chowder, both of which are absolutely delicious. The oysters are also an obvious choice, having great flavor and a few good textures. Overall, the place is amazing, but you might have to wait more than a few minutes to get a table! Either way, Anchor Oyster Bar is definitely worth the wait.

  • Spruce

When it comes to high-end, American dining, you can’t get better than Spruce. Overall, Spruce has a very intimate feel that ads on to the overall appeal of eating there. It is clear that the dishes are extremely expensive, but you can’t go wrong with this place. I would highly recommend the cauliflower soup paired with the traditional chicken dish, both are cooked to perfection.

Nightlife Options:

  • Halcyon

Halcyon provides an intimate dancing environment in which you can dance till daybreak. The space has a few laser projectors, giving it an old school feel and also has classic drinks such as the margaritas and moscow mules. The sound quality is phenomenal, and you’ll be having a great time till the early hours of the following day.

  • Audio

Audio consistently books some of the best DJs around town. The drinks aren’t too expensive compared to other clubs in the areas, and it also has a smaller, intimate setting. The staff is incredibly kind and the bartenders are super friendly. The club is pretty much packed all the time, but getting in is not a problem. To me, Audio ranks in the top three for the best clubs in San Francisco.

  • Monarch

Monarch has a unique feel to it in the sense that the upstairs section has a great lounging area while downstairs has amazing music played by great DJs. While the drinks are expensive, the service is great and there is a free photo booth. I would recommend going to Monarch if you’re into deep house and underground music!

  • Mezzanine

Mezzanine offers a great venue for mid-sized bands and other groups. Over the last few years, the experience at Mezzanine has gotten significantly better with good service and great drinks. Mezzanine has a great underground vibe to its name and has a good speakers system. I would highly recommend the club to anyone who likes underground music!

  • The Great Northern

The Great Northern is possibly one of the best venues for events in San Francisco. The interior is extremely artsy and spacious and the bartenders/security guards are polite. The sound has a heavy bass to it, and the venue is ideal for any large show. The Great Northern brings in some incredible acts and the drinks are always amazing.

  • DNA Lounge

If you’re looking for a place to just dance and have a good time, DNA lounge is the place to be. The venue brings in reputable DJs, and there’s a mid-sized dance floor immediately has you walk in. Furthermore, there’s a balcony on the second floor that overlooks the main floor and there’s also another bar on that floor for more drinks.

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  • Cable Car

No experience in San Francisco is complete without the cable car. Offering unforgettable views, the cable car provides a great way to get from A to B with a breathtaking view. Try the cable car starting from Powell and Market that continues to Fisherman’s Wharf!

  • Bird

Since everything in San Francisco is relatively close by, I would recommend using an unconventional method to get across town- Scooters. Bird gives you the ability to rent scooters, which you can use to get to your destination as fast as possible.

  • BART

BART is the classic railway method to get from one place to another. The Bay Area Rapid Transit connects 48 stations along six routes (112 miles). In 2017, BART saw over 124.2 million passengers in that fiscal year.

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