Whether you are in the market to buy a house or your kids are at an age that they are enjoying more freedom to roam, it is a good idea to be aware of where the sex offenders in your community reside. Even though you can never completely protect the ones you love from harm, it is helpful to know at least which neighborhoods have more sex offenders than others. Read on to discover the most dangerous Neighborhoods in Charlotte.

West Charlotte

Dangerous neighborhoods in Charlotte, city, sex offenders

More sex offenders live in west Charlotte than any other area of the city. This zip code includes neighborhoods such as Ashley Park and Seversville. Specifically, the residents of 28208 need to look at the sex offender map to see which houses in your area your children should avoid. One home on Barringer Drive houses seven sex offenders. As a result, we have determined West Charlotte to be the most dangerous neighborhood in Charlotte.

Northwest Charlotte

Dangerous neighborhoods in Charlotte, city, sex offenders

Those living within the 28216 zip code boundaries should be aware that their community houses over 75 sex offenders. Neighborhoods in this zip code include Oakdale South, Oakdale North, Washington Heights, and Oaklawn.

East Charlotte

Dangerous neighborhoods in Charlotte, city, sex offenders

East Charlotte is the next on the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Charlotte. They have the next largest number of people who are sex offenders in the area. The residents of zip code 28215 need to look at the map to see where the offenders reside.

  1. Look out, residents of 28206. There are dozens of registered sex offenders living in your area. This area includes Sugar Creek.
  2. The neighborhood Druid Hill North is also the home to dozens of sex offenders. Druid Hill North is also within the 28206 zip code boundary.

Even though crime can happen everywhere, the neighborhoods that have the fewest sexual offenders are Fourth Ward and First Ward, Dillworth and Myers Park, and Elizabeth.

To learn more about North Carolina’s sex offender registry

visit the NC State Bureau of Investigation website.

You can find the sex offenders near you by typing in your street address and zip code. Find out about specific sex offenders by entering his or her last name or registration number. You can even find out which sex offenders are living near a certain latitude or longitude. Do you live in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Charlotte?

At this same website, you can sign up to receive an email notification when a sex offender reports moving to an address within one, three, or five miles of your home. You can add multiple addresses to the list so you can be constantly aware of sex offenders close to your child’s daycare, your parent’s homes, or your friend’s homes.

Do not assume that if you have no sex offenders within your zip code that you and your children are safe. Juvenile offenders are sometimes not required to register. Also, it is unsafe to assume that all offenders accurately register their whereabouts. Not every sex offender is required to register with their local authorities, and there are others out there who are committing crimes but have not been caught.

How do you keep your children safe?

  • Avoid leaving your child in situations where he or she is in the private care of one adult. Most children’s organizations are aware of this practice, and because of it, organizations only allow a child to be with an adult when another adult is present. This two-deep leadership rule that the Boy Scouts have enacted has spread to other organizations.

This rule should also apply to children receiving private coaching, tutoring, or counseling. All these activities should be done out in the open, or at least in an office with a window. Make sure your child’s daycare center and schools have similar policies.

  • Check out the people working at your daycare center. Drop in at your child’s daycare center unannounced. Make sure your daycare provider understands that you are not ok with other people that you don’t know watching your children.
  • Pay attention to older siblings and friends of your children. Sometimes it is easy to disregard teens as “just kids,” but over one-third of those who sexually abuse children are under the age of 18 themselves.
  • Go with your gut. If you feel there is something off about a person, don’t allow your child to be alone with that person. You don’t have to give a reason or excuse why you feel this way. It is your job to protect your children.
  • Watch your children’s reactions to people. Be aware of your child’s body language or response upon seeing a person. If a child says he or she doesn’t want to be around a particular individual, listen.


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