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Why should you Rent To Own?

Renting to own is one of the best ways to get into your own house. A rent to own agreement means you don't need a large deposit to secure a home - your regular rent includes a portion that progressively turns into a downpayment. This means you can skip costly mortgage insurance while getting to know your neighbourhood. The whole process also builds on your history of savings and payments, improving your credit rating and your chances of later qualifying for a conventional mortgage.

  • What Is Rent To Own?

    The traditional route to owning a house has started to give way to a fresh and more flexible approach: rent to own properties. Here at RentOwn.net we not only have the best properties, but we also provide clear information about the whole process. So what exactly is rent to own?
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  • How To Rent To Own?

    Interested in starting your rent to own dream? At RentOwn.net we have a simple how-to information guide to help get you started.
    The rent to own process offers clear advantages to a renter.
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  • Rent To Own Pros & cons

    At RentOwn.net we give you clear explanations about the pros and cons of the rent to own home approach. Many people wonder if it is the right decision for them - we're here to assist you in making the best choice. Let's start with the advantages.
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Why should you rent to own

Rent to Own Properties Rent to Own Properties

RentOwn.net has thousands of rent to own houses across the country that are available now. We'll help you find the perfect home – no matter what your budget or needs are.

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Before you start searching for your dream home, it is important for you to know your credit scores. It takes less than two minutes and with membership you will receive your complete credit scores and profiles as well as ID theft protection and credit monitoring. Using our service to obtain your credit scores will not affect your rating in any way.

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A low credit score does not mean you won't receive a rent to own home. People with good, bad, or even no credit can be eligible. The most important part is to ensure your profile is accurate.

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We help renters become owners everyday...

  • Turn rent payments into home ownership.
  • Ideal for anyone with less than perfect credit.
  • No down payment required on most of our homes.
  • Find your dream home today with RentOwn.net!

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  • 4644 Glenalbyn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065 Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    Los Angeles, CA
    3 bed / 2 bath
    Bad Credit Accepted

  • 60 S.W. 13 St. # 2324, 2324, Miami, FL 33130 Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    Miami, FL
    2 bed / 2 bath
    REO Foreclosure

  • 297 137th, apt b, Manhattan, NY 10030 Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    New York, NY
    3 bed / 2 bath
    Just Listed!